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Denver does not have a team leader at this time.
If you are an outgoing person and would like to start your own circle in Denver make sure to contact us. Starting your own circle is free and easy. We will help you set up your local group, provide you with forum access and our online tools for community building.


There are no upcoming events for Denver at this time, check back later.

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2013 – Events Listing

2010 – Events Listing

Sinem Concert with Autumn & Shel
 April 02

2007 – Events Listing

Potluck House Party with Wines & Chocolate
November 30
Grand Opening Party @ Kinga’s Lounge
October 19
Saturday Morning Biking Trip
September 29
Petra’s Wine Tasting for June
June 22
Petra’s Shiraz or Syrah Wines Tasting @ Wayne’s
May 18
French Dinner @ AIX
 April 23
Petra’s Wine Tasting @ La Gardenia Art Gallery
March 23
Petra’s Wine Tasting at Glenn’s House
February 23
A Night with European Wines @ Carol Mier Fashion
 January 19

2006 – Events Listing

The 7th Annual Denver Christkindl Market & Dinner
 December 12
EuroCircle Happy Hour @ The 9th Door in LoDo, ….
November 01
Bastille Day Celebration – CultureFest
October 03
Bastille Day Celebration – CultureFest
August 16
Bastille Day Celebration – CultureFest
July 14
Happy Hour at Opal on Tuesday
May 23
Back to Opal for Drinks
March 09
7th Annual Int’l Business and Rodeo Day
January 17

2005 – Events Listing

The Annual International Holiday Party
December 13
The 2005 Beaujolais Festival
November 17
Mixer at Delaneys Bar
October 20
Happy Hour and Get-Together at Opal
August 17
After-Hours Get-Together at Espo’s Cafe
June 21
Denver Happy Hour at Opal
March 30
Cocktails and Conversation@Go Fish Grille
February 17
Happy 6th Anniversary & The New Website
January 13

2004 – Events Listing

Annual International Holiday Party
December 14
Happy Hour and Get-Together at Opal
October 28
Happy Hour and Get-Together at Opal
September 29
Happy Hour and Get-Together at Opal
August 25
Happy Hour and Get Together
July 29
Get-Together for Europeans & Europhiles
June 16
Cocktails and Conversation
May 19
Cocktails & Conversation at Blue 67
April 22
Cocktails & Conversation at Blue 67
March 18

2003 – Events Listing

Costume Cocktail hour at Blue 67
October 30
EuroCircle Cocktails & Conversation @patio
September 04
Denver-Joint Event w/Diana Price Fish Foundation
January 31


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